Starting your course

The first few weeks of your time at university or college are bound to be a bit daunting especially if you are living in a new place.

While there are always those people who seem to be very much at home from the word go, the majority take longer to get used to the new environment. Don't be worried though, there will be many people in the same boat as you. Through your first week at Uni try and be the one to make an effort to chat to people on your course, they're just as nervous as you. A great way to meet new people is joining one of the sports clubs or societies you are interested in, here you will meet a number of people sharing the same interest as you and is a great way of making new friends. This is understandably a nervous but exciting time but there is always someone a phone call away if something is troubling you.

This section of the website discusses how to get the most out of freshers' week and settle in as well as providing some information about the student organisations that you'll become part of. In addition, there are some useful tips on how to get to and around York once you're here.