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Finding a course

Choosing the right Higher Education (HE) course and university/college for you is an important decision to which you should give considerable thought.

However, this is not something you need to tackle on your own. There are numerous places you can contact for information about courses, as well as various services offering advice and guidance relating specifically to Higher Education. We have provided some HE information sheets which include much information on how to research courses and all the help you need to apply for a course.

If you are currently in education, your tutors and teachers will also be of great help to you in applying for a full-time or part-time HE course. If you are not currently in education or you are a mature learner looking to get back into education, there is plenty of help and guidance out there to help you on your journey to HE. There are several different routes into Higher Education as well as different types of degrees which you could consider. If finances are a concern, you can learn more about loans and funding opportunities too.

Amongst other things you will need to consider:

To search Higher Education courses on offer in York, search the Higher York course database.

For more detailed information, you can compare over 35,000 UK undergraduate HE courses on the Unistats website, including information about: