It is important to research an area before moving to ensure you know where the local amenities are, average price on rent and how you are going to get to your classes everyday.

Residential Areas

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Badger Hill                                  

  • Quiet residential area popular with families and older people  
  • Above average rent
  • Good transport links, close to University of York

Hull Road (South)

  • Close to the University of York
  • Higher average rent in area
  • Very popular with students

Clifton (Haxby Road)                                     

  • York Hospital and York City Football Club in area
  • Area is slightly cheaper in rent
  • Close to York St John University and the city

Lawrence Street

  • Directly next to city centre
  • Slightly higher rent due to location
  • Popular with students and young professionals

Clifton (Water Lane)

  • Popular with York St John University students
  • Area has lower average rent than others
  • Close to the city centre and Clifton Moor Centre


  • Peaceful residential area
  • Above average rent due to popularity
  • Popular for students of University of York Heslington East campus


  • Next to River Ouse
  • Reasonable average rent
  • Close to both city centre and University of York

South Bank

  • Popular with postgraduate and mature students
  • Higher average rent as popular area to all
  • Southern area of the city centre


  • One of the greenest residential areas of the city
  • Affordable average rent in area
  • Strong connections to University of York

Tang Hall (North) & Heworth

  • Mixed community of families and students
  • Slightly above average rent
  • One of the most desirable areas of the city


  • A small village within city of York
  • Higher average rent than some areas
  • Location of two popular pubs frequented by students

Tang Hall & Melrosegate

  • Close to both campuses of University of York
  • Below average rent in some parts
  • Well known student area

Heslington Road

  • Located between city centre and University of York's campus
  • Above average rent
  • Excellent bus links

The Groves

  • York St John University located in the area
  • Higher average rent in the area
  • Large number of student housing